Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thank Goodness for a little Common Sense

Over some FDA concerns, "Smart Choices", a food industry group created program will voluntarily halt its nutrition labeling program due to FDA concerns that the labels could mislead consumers. Wow, really? You mean to tell me that Fruit Loops and Cracker Jacks, among other highly processed, sugar laden foods aren't a "smart choice" for nutrition?
This started in August, with nine major food industry leaders, including General Mills, Kraft, and Kellogs, placing green labels on certain foods indicating to consumers that the items bearing the labels were "smart choices" for consumers concerned about the nutritional value of the foods they were purchasing. From Huff Po:
Smart Choices stood behind its nutritional criteria, saying the program's criteria are based on federal dietary guidelines and its efforts are a step in the right direction. Board member Richard Kahn said the group supports the FDA's effort.
"The impetus for the Smart Choices program was that there were and are too many systems," he said. "We applaud the concept of having one system nationwide."
In other words, because Frosted Flakes contains three grams of fiber, the processed sugars can be disregarded. This is a dangerous program that needed to be halted. It's false advertising at it's worst. Read the full article at the Huffington Post


  1. I saw this on the Doctors recently. I think the key to healthy choices is to avoid processed food in general. I wish that I could say I do that. Unfortunately, like most Americans I end up getting quick, cheap, and easy. I applaud your efforts to continue informing the ublic that there is a better way to eat.

    And...stupid rain spoiling our zoo plans :(

  2. Listen, nobody is perfect. If I had to feed my entire family organically without processed food totally, there is no way I could afford it. No way. You do what you can. With that being said, it would help the consumer if these processed products weren't wolfs in sheep's clothing.

  3. Hey, We did Boo at the Zoo and saw green tips throughout the zoo and Beast Feast. Want a write up about it? :)

  4. Cool. I'll work on it after Bella goes to bed tonight.


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