Thursday, July 4, 2013

Famers' Market Season So Far

I don't write much now as I work managing markets and have no time at this time of year. That's great for getting awesome food at markets but not so great for blog writing. Here are some photos of what's been going on so far this season -

Bok Choy from Taproot Farm
Various Treats from Green Aisle Grocery 
Asparagus from Rineer Family Farms
Cherries from Beechwood Orchards
Savoy Cabbage from Rambling Roots Farm
Blueberries from Beechwood Orchard
Tomatoes from Beechwood Orchards
Beets from Rambling Roots Farm
Peaches from Hands on the Earth Orchard
More Treats from Green Aisle Grocery 
Radishes from Rambling Roots Farm
Lettuce from Rambling Roots Farm
Heirloom Tomato from Rineer Family Farm 
Summer Squash from Z Food Farm
Rhubarb from Rineer Family Farm