Friday, October 30, 2009

Green Halloween Celebration Tips From The Philadelphia Zoo

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine." ~ Humphrey Bogart

When Humphrey Bogart spoke these words in the classic movie Casablanca I don’t think he had this in mind, but I certainly thought it. After waiting in the never ending line for the ladies room at the Philadelphia Zoo last weekend (Women will understand the joy of that) I saw a pumpkin cut-out on the bathroom mirror.

I stopped in my tracks and paused to read. There were several on the mirrors with green Halloween celebration tips. Tips included using real plates and cutlery at your Halloween festivities to avoid dumping more trash into landfills and buying your children reusable bags to collect their Halloween loot in as they trick-or-treat.

The tip that caught my eye was the one that will be of the most interest to the loyal readers of the Philly Food Feed. The suggestion was to purchase fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables from your local CSA. A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture collective that you buy into. This “subscription” of sorts allows the buyer to support local farms while partaking in great locally grown produce. Click the link for more information about what a CSA is.

I enjoyed this tip the best for two reasons. The first reason is that I love what Ben is supporting here with regards to supporting local farmers while enjoying food that is fresh and tastes great to boot. The second reason that I like it is because I see the need to eat in a way that is not just ecologically conscious but also healthier. The idea of serving food from a CSA, or your local farmer’s market for that matter, is so ripe with benefits. While I am not hosting a get-together this year for my favorite holiday I am certainly filing away this idea for future use.

Check out the link for more green tips from the Philadelphia Zoo.

From Guest Blogger - Susan Anderson

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