Friday, October 30, 2009

Beast Feast at the Philadelphia Zoo...Even The Animals Eat Locally Grown Food!

Last weekend I visited the Philadelphia Zoo with my family to take part in the Boo at the Zoo events. While I watched my two year old toddling up to various sponsors to get her jack-o-lantern bucket filled with treats I had a chance to see first hand how the Philadelphia Zoo is doing their part to encourage the buy and eat locally grown food campaign that our blog master Ben writes about.

Every weekend in October the zoo has hosted an event called Beast Feast. From 10 A.M. until 4 P.M. visitors are treated to the sight of the various cute critters chowing down on great produce. As a part of the Zoo’s “Buy Local” conservation program the animals are treated to fresh tasty seasonal produce grown on local farms!

This shows one visitor capturing the prairie dogs thoroughly enjoying a great locally grown pumpkin. While I was there I saw many pumpkins being enjoyed by various Zoo animals.

This Saturday is the last day you can visit and see Beast Feast in person. I hope you take the time to go with your family and see this great scene of animals enjoying what we all should…great fresh food locally grown. Don’t worry, the Phillies Game won’t start until later so you’ll have plenty of time to visit. Just make sure you wear your red gear proudly!

Please click this link for the scheduled feeding times and locations.

Where: Philadelphia Zoo

Price: Included in admission

When: 10:00am Sat 10/31/09

Guest Blogger - Susan Anderson

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