Friday, March 15, 2013

A Legend in Their Own Lunchtime

It has been some time since I have updated this blog. While I have been busy managing the Rittenhouse Farmers' Market and getting the Far Northeast's first Farmers' Market off the ground, there really is no excuse. I'm just a lazy locavore.

Last year Chef Andy Bates visited Philadelphia from across the pond and highlighted Philadelphia's local street food scene for an episode of his Food Network UK series - Andy Bates American Street Feasts. This episode, "Philadelphia - A Legend in Their Own Lunchtime", features many of our favorite local farmers and vendors including: Lucky Old Souls, Zea May's Kitchen, Weavers Way Farms and Sorbello Girls (at the Mt. Airy Village Farmers' Market) and even yours truly makes an appearance, albeit a brief one (16:15 if you are interested). Up until now, you could only view this in the UK so we called and got a DVD sent over.

Enjoy and tell us if you spot any of your friends!


  1. Awesome! The vendors and Bates did an excellent job of highlighting their use of locally sourced ingredients at every opportunity, and you, Ben, managed to use even a brief appearance on a street food show to promote the value of farmers’ markets and to share a major benefit to consumers of buying from their local farmers. Thank you for sharing!


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