Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its National Farmers' Market Week!

The USDA has designated August 1st through August 7th as National Farmers' Market Week! Here is a copy of the official release from Thomas J. Vilsack, himself. After reading this rousing endorsement of American Farmers' Markets, even I could forgive him for the sacking of Shirley Sherrod (rim shot). But seriously folks (wakka wakka wakka), this week when you are buying your produce, take the time to thank a farmer for their hard work and dedication in getting you the freshest and most healthy food possible. While you only see your farmer maybe once a week, they are tirelessly (or tiredfully) working the rest of the week harvesting, planting, planning, digging, and generally getting sweaty over what you feed your family (not literally, I hope). Give them a pat on the back!

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