Monday, August 30, 2010

Debunking the Nixon Naysayers

There has been a huge response to the Philly Food Feed's reporting the of visit of former President Nixon to the Headhouse Farmers' Market this past Sunday. It seems there are some who dispute that the picture posted on this blog is, in fact, the former President. When pressed, they say that they do not see any resemblance between the Nixon they knew, and the one photographed at the Headhouse Market. In order to put this matter to rest, I have obtained archival photographic footage of Nixon. This rare photo from 1972 pictures former President Nixon discussing the SALT Treaty with then General Secretary of the Soviet Union, Leonid Breshnev:

Apparently, Brezhnev thought Nixon needed more SALT, while Nixon felt he was seasoned appropriately. Hopefully this indisputable photographic evidence should put the whole matter behind us.

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