Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting Back on the Organic Horse

Well, not literally. However, there is a bit of truth in my overly wrought attempt at a humorous title for this entry...the Philly Food Feed Farmers' Market Marathon had been put temporarily on hold until the end of my wisdom teeth convalescence, which has gone on so long that I swear my oral surgeon's initials are BP. They say that its worse when you are older, but it isn't like I'm Andy Rooney. Incidentally, did you ever wonder what the deal is with bloggers who think they are comedians? I digress...
The teeth are better and I anticipate making it out to at least one new market this week, as well as probably to one or two of my old haunts. I know you all are out there waiting with baited breath about where I am getting my next radish, so I will earnestly (try) to stick to this commitment.
You know, I talk to more than a few people who claim that they read the blog, but nobody ever comments. Most of the time you don't even click the "I Like This" button and I KNOW that some of you have to like something here. Its getting so bad that I actually got a like on my last post and then found out that it was from my MOM. That's cool and I am flattered, but it is sort of like her telling me that I am the handsomest kid at school. Whatever, its cool. I'm really just playing. But seriously, if people don't start picking it up around here, I'm going to start keeping prime radish locations to myself.



  1. Continue to not eating radishes but loving most everything else we eat together?

  2. Well since you commented, you have to now eat 12 radishes.

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