Thursday, June 10, 2010

Savoie Farm Leaving the Piazza

Savoie Organic Farm will no longer be at the Piazza at Schmidt's Saturday market. Instead, on Saturdays they will be at the Headhouse market. From their facebook page:

Well, it is official. We are moving. We will no longer be attending the Piazza at Schmidt's farmers Market on Saturdays. We will instead be at a smaller, grower only market, the Saturday Headhouse Market at 2nd and Lombard from 10-2p.m.
We would like to thank Kyle for all his dedicated efforts making the Piazza a fine farmers market, unfortunately it just isn't the right fit for our small farm.


  1. Hey Ben,
    My Summer CSA farm, Landisdale Farm, is seriously considering discontinuing their stand at the Piazza farmers market, as well. I find this sad - sounds like too much competition with the growing number of vendors. I wonder how this will impact the market overall?

  2. When you say growing number of vendors, do you mean at that particular market or the overall competition between markets? On Sunday there is Headhouse, Reading Terminal, AND Piazza. On Saturday, there is Head house, Clark Park, Fitler Sqaure, etc. While the local food movement is growing, perhaps the city cannot support all the markets at once on those days.

  3. Oh ok Lisa, I just read your most recent post and it answered my question. Although I also would attribute it to the growing number of markets as well.

  4. Great point, Ben-- I agree. But you'd think having more markets spread out throughout the city would make it more convenient for consumers in neighborhoods throughout the city to participate in shopping at farmers' markets thus increasing profits for all farmers. A lot of variables and factors to consider (on both the consumer and market side) to make FMs successful!


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