Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Announcement!

Hello out there in Philly Food Feed land! It’s the beginning of June and markets are beginning to sprout up (ha ha, that was good) all over Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. By now I’m sure most of you have been attacking asparagus, snacking on strawberries, and relishing rhubarb, as have I. With the season just about in full swing, I have an awesome announcement to make – I have decided not to write in alliteration anymore – except there. Only kidding…about the alliteration, not the announcement… here it goes –

Over the past few weeks, I have been brainstorming ideas about what the Philly Food Feed can do this farmers’ market season to really spice things up. Then it came to me – This season, the Philly Food Feed will visit EVERY SINGLE FARMERS’ MARKET IN PHILADELPHIA!!! That’s right folks, you read it correctly – EVERY SINGLE MARKET. I’m calling it: The Philly Food Feed Farmers’ Market Marathon. It will be sort of like Where’s Waldo of the farmers’ market scene, but instead looking for a bespectacled Waldo, donning a red and white winter hat hiding in the crowds, you will have to keep your eye out for a bald Ben with a Phillies hat somewhere in Overbrook with some peaches or maybe in Northern Liberties with a fennel. Out of sight, right?

According to Grid Magazine (link forthcoming), there are 27 farmers’ markets either already going on or slated to start this season in Philadelphia proper. The Philly Food Feed will be attending all of them. Between now and the end of November, we will be present at each of those markets and I will be reporting on all of them, introducing you readers to the food, farmers, and fun that make the local food scene in Philadelphia the specialist in the nation. A copious amount of excitement takes me over when I think about all of the various farmers, growers, and artisans we are going to have the pleasure of meeting and interacting with. These folks are the life’s blood of the markets and they need to be acknowledged.

Of course, we will be following the food too – from the market to our table, sharing our edible experiences along the way through new and exciting recipes that I will be trying out on my family, turning them into a gaggle of guinea pigs.

Now since we have already been to the markets at Clark Park, The Piazza at Schmidt’s, Headhouse, Schuylkill River Park, Filter Square, and Fairmount, that leaves us with 21 markets by the end of the season.  Can we do it? Will we be able to accomplish this ambitious feat? You will have to read the Philly Food Feed to find out. And if you see me at one of the markets, leave a comment here and let us know. C-ya at the markets! 

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