Sunday, March 14, 2010

Japanese Sweet Potatoes Get the Most Important Seal of Approval!

Last week I mentioned that we picked up some Japanese Sweet Potatoes from Landisdale Farms at the Piazza. Tonight I mashed them up and tested them on the most important critic - my son Ethan. Sarah peeled them and we boiled them up until they were soft. I used 5 little to medium potatoes. Unlike sweet potatoes I am accustomed to, the flesh of these were white to yellow. After I mashed them up, I added a tablespoon of butter and a half of a cup of milk. I thought they were delicious. They were sweet but more subtle than the sweet potatoes I am used to. Ethan went to town! I took some pictures to mark the occasion. He looks pretty satisfied to me, and Ethan is a finicky eater! These potatoes definitely have a place at our table from now on.


  1. He's growing into a little boy so quick! Tell him to save some for me :)

  2. Ben I am down 11 1/2 pounds now! hehehe Go me...A week ago it was my birthday...LOL


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