Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Visit to the Piazza

Last Saturday we paid another visit to the Piazza at Schmidt's in order to procure some late winter fare from those fantastic farmers' market denizens brave enough and committed enough to sate us local food lovers through the cold months. I am walking pretty well lately and it's been too long since I have hobnobbed with fellow Philadelphia foodies. I'm really glad I made the trip, as usual.
This time around we met Dan from Landisdale Farms. We picked up some Japanese Sweet Potatoes which we have not tried yet but are eager to. Dan described them as a little dryer than the American version we are used to. After we try them, I'll be sure to let you all know.
No trip to the market would be complete without a visit with Mark Skinner from Natural Meadows Farm. This week we picked up 4 lbs of pastured ground meat and two dozen pastured eggs. My sister and her boyfriend were over for a weekend visit and I wanted them to try the eggs that my family has been enjoying ever since we first met Mark at the Headhouse last year. On Sunday morning I made the house an egg breakfast with these babies, adorned with some baby bella mushrooms from Highland Orchards, another Piazza favorite. The flavor of these mushrooms was so rich and the eggs so good. It was better than Shoney's at my house. I think I will be having house guests more often. This market is every weekend on Saturdays from 10-2. If you dig on local and organic foods and find them in short supply during the cold months, this place is for you.

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  1. That egg breakfast sounds delicious. Me want! Your trip sounds nice. I'd be interested in hearing about those new potatoes. Let us know how it turns out!

  2. You're speaking right at me! Our market starts in May and we'll be stockpiling our eggs next month to take along with our pasture-raised organic beef, spinach and arugula and salad mix. Oh! And I'm planting radishes and scallions in the greenhouse this weekend so they'll be ready for the first day of market. I love sweet potatoes!

  3. Yvonne, which is your market? Tell us more!

  4. I love the Piazza Market and happy that the weather is getting warmer and more vendors are making the trip. I picked up a chuck roast last weekend from Natural Meadows Farm and it was delicious in the crock-pot with some onions, shallot and garlic on low for 8 hours. Made some sandwiches with Yards ESA whole grain bread from Wild Flour Bakery and Spinach from Landisdale Farms -- All purchases from the Piazza Market. Landisdale Farms may also do a CSA drop-off at the Piazza for their Summer 2010 CSA!

  5. Yeah, I heard that too Lisa. I might consider it if that is the case. I am on the fence with doing a CSA because I try to visit as many markets as possible for the blog and I wouldn't want to have so much food that I would be wasting it.


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