Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SUPPER Farmers' Market Tour and Supper

During Sunday’s trip to Headhouse, I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Mitch Prensky, Executive Chef and Proprietor of Supper Restaurant, located on 926 South Street in Philadelphia. Some of you may already be familiar with Chef Prensky through his catering of the pancake breakfast fundraiser at the Headhouse in June. We discussed the virtues of local food and I found out that Supper will be offering a Farmers’ Market Tour and a “Three Course $38 Sunday Supper” on Sunday, August 16th, Saturday, September 5th (tour on Saturday, meal on Sunday), and Sunday, October 5th. For a $20 dollar supplement to the dinner, you can actually tour the Headhouse Market with Chef Prensky and help him plan the monthly menu for this supper! This is something I recommend people – you have to admire a chef that appreciates the nuances of fresh, local food and incorporates it into his cuisine. Plus, by taking the tour, you can learn the tricks of the trade! Who better to learn from than a chef - especially with the credentials of Chef Prensky! Check out his website and take a gander at the various articles gushing over his food and when you are done, call him and make a reservation for the supper!

Call 215-592-8180 or contact Chef Prensky via twitter@SupperPhilly


  1. Ben, even though I am not always on the same page as you with your opinions I am impressed with you blogging prowless. You so could be a resturant critic or a Freelance writer...I think you have found your knack.


  2. I guess when you find something you are passionate about, it inspires you!


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