Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Media Attention for the Vendors at Headhouse Farmers' Market

As most of you who frequent The Philly Food Feed already know, we usually spend our Sunday mornings perusing the local fare at the Headhouse Farmers' Market on Lombard Street in Philadelphia. While the freshness and taste of the food was validation enough for our weekly visits, a recent article in the August 5th edition of the Philadelphia Weekly has only added to the stellar reputation of the Headhouse. In an article entitled - Philly's 50 Must-Eats, four Headhouse market vendors are listed! This is quite an accomplishment that almost 10% of the list comes from the one farmers' market (Thanks Food Trust!). These vendors are -

Patches of Star - the PW has a penchant for the black raspberry pastured goat's milk ice cream dished out from Patches of Star. This is some of the Headhouse fare that we at the Feed have yet to try. You would think that after spending week after week here, we would have. Needless to say, we will be next Sunday!

Wildflour Bakery - PW highlights the sourdough from Wildflour. You can pick some of this up at the Headhouse. Wildflour is what I would call superlocal - right in Northeast Philadelphia!

Hilacres Pride - while Hilacres already offers Raw Milk at the market, PW pays special attention to their butter made from pastured cows. This is yet another of Headhouse's offerings we at the Feed have yet to try. It makes me wonder what we are doing there every Sunday! This is on our shopping list for the next time, that's for sure. PW compares it to Banana Ice Cream. Wow!

Three Springs Fruit Farm - Finally, kudos to Ben Wenk and the rest of the people at Three Spings Fruit Farm! The Philadelphia Weekly sings the praises of their cider. We at the Philly Food Feed have not yet partaken in this liquid bounty but will be sure to do so post haste. And not just because Ben mentions us on his website We at the Feed are constantly snacking on Three Springs' peaches and nectarines. How we have not already tried the cider, I don't know. Thanks PW for turning us on to this...and thanks to Three Springs in advance for cider that, if it's anything like the donut peaches, will be nectar from the heavens!

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