Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Huffington Post Local Food Competition

Well, the Huffington Post is at it again! Some of you may remember a little while back, Huff Po asked their readers to submit their favorite farmers' market pictures. The Food Feed actually made an appearance with a picture of the bounty at the Headhouse Market! Anyway, they are at it again, but this time, they want to know the best cities in the country for local food! Farmers' Markets, eateries, microbreweries, festivals - they want to know which city can boast that it's the best. Well we here at the feed know that there can be none better than the City of Brotherly Grub! Come on people! Go to the Huffington Post and submit your favorite local food eatery or tell them Philly needs to be mentioned!

Let's Go Philly!

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