Friday, August 7, 2009

Fresh Picks

It is my pleasure to crow about the Philly Food Feed's recent appearance in "Fresh Picks", the weekly newsletter from the Lansdowne Farmers' Market. While we at the Feed blog purely for the joy of finding and eating local food (wink, wink) it is always nice to get kudos from those who appreciate our work. Incidentally, if you live in the Lansdowne area, you should definitely subscribe to this wonderful newsletter. Not only does it have news about the market, it has news about other various happenings in Lansdowne. After you read it, give a second to subscribe!

By the way, one of the blurbs from the newsletter mentions Mark Skinner and Natural Meadows Farm. You might remember me mentioning Mark before; we at the Feed buy our eggs and ground meat from him when he's at the Headhouse on Sundays. We talked to Mark last week during our visit to the Lansdowne market. It seems that it was his first appearance there, but not his last! Look for him there on Saturdays for the forseeable future.

Besides the obvious fact that grass-fed animals are treated better because it is their natural way to eat, the health benefits of pastured meat and eggs cannot be stressed enough! Animals raised on grass are then to be richer in antioxidants; including vitamins E, vitamin C, as well as beta-carotene. Also, no antibiotics!!! Moreover, because of their grass diets, pastured animals are higher in "good fats", Omega-3s. People with high amounts of Omega-3s in their diets are 50% less likey to suffer from heart attacks! There are many other benefits as well! Check out for the full run down; you won't be disappointed and you will learn something to boot. And don't forget to look for Mark Skinner and Natural Meadows Farm at Lansdowne and at the Headhouse! It just tastes better!

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  1. Wow Ben! Kudos to you for "moving on up" in the locavore world. I hope I said that right ;) I'm so glad that things are going so well on your blog! I read in a magazine (Body and soul) about a family who tried for a month to eat only local foods and the author wrote all about it, and I was reminded of you guys and it really inspires me to try harder at not only eating healthier, but giving back to our local farmers community! Thanks Ben!


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