Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Huffington Post Local Food Contest!

Huffington Post has posted what they think the top ten cities are for local food eateries. I think Philadelphia needs to be mentioned here! If you have a favorite local food eating spot, let them know! Here's what they have to say:

We here at HuffPost Green think the local food movement is a thriving and exciting part of the discussion about sustainability. After researching the best local food in the United States, we compiled this slideshow of our discoveries, focusing mainly on restaurants. However, thankfully, this list is far from comprehensive. There is so many exciting things happening in the good food movement, there is no way we could mention everything.

First, vote on your favorite city that we've nominated for local eats.

Second, tell us what we missed. What's a fantastic city or town has great local food that doesn't get national attention? What mindblowing restaurant have we not heard about? Who's doing amazing work cooking local food that's not at a high-end restaurant? Who's using local food in soup kitchens, pioneering innovative community supported agriculture programs, or teaching kids how to grow and cook their own food?

These are all fascinating topics we want to cover in the coming weeks and months, so send us your tips to

Third, join in HuffPost Green's first citizen journalism mapping project. Click the participate button to send us photos of your favorite local grub restaurants.

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