Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Unofficial Record" at Clark Park this Saturday

Jonathan Glyn from The Food Trust passed on to me an exciting tidbit of information about this Saturday's market at Clark Park. It seems that Lem Christophel, from Eden Garden Farm out in Dillsburg, PA, will be bringing 40 flats of strawberries to the park on Saturday. If he can sell close to 40, it will be an "unofficial record"! Jonathan broke it down to me like this:

"Think about this: a flat of strawberries is 12 pints. 12x40 = 480 pints. How many strawberries in a pint? The current wisdom is that one pint of strawberries contains 16-20 medium sized berries. Let's say 16. If Lem sells 40 flats, that's over 7500 strawberries hitting the Philly public..."

That's a lot of strawberries! With the vast amount of things you can do with a strawberry, I would expect that after Saturday, Philly will be inundated with strawberry smoothies, pies, pancake adornments, and the like. Come out to Clark Park this Saturday and help Clem get his record and you could be one of those lucky people having strawberries on their pancakes on Sunday morning. Yum!

Clark Park
43rd Street and Baltimore Ave.
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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