Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to the Headhouse & Dana's Trip to Glenside

Baby Ethan and Mommy Sarah were both under the weather so we didn't end up visiting any markets on Saturday. When we woke up today we realized that we didn't have any veggies for the week so it was back to the Headhouse Farmers' Market to stock up. And stock up we did! Fresh Lettuce, Spinach, Radishes, Pastured Eggs, Strawberries picked this morning, Broccoli, Green Onions, Oyster Mushrooms, and Asparagus found their way into my canvas bag. It was totally awesome being recognized from the blog. Maybe next week somebody will ask me to autograph a turnip. Awesome.

I introduced myself to Headhouse Market manager Katy Wich. What an awesome person! While we were kibitzing she gave Clark Park Manager Jon Glyn a call to find out the final sale total of Lem Christophel's strawberries on Saturday. Turns out Lem sold 40 flats by 12:30 in the afternoon. Considering the market doesn't open until 10, that there is a whole lot of strawberries sold in a little bit of time. Speaking of strawberries, I picked up two pints from Blooming Glen Farm and they are earmarked for some pound cake and buttermilk pancakes tomorrow morning. I will keep you posted how those dishes come out.

My friend Dana decided to check out the Glenside Farmers' Market on Saturday. She detailed her trip to me via Facebook and from the way she described it, it sounds like she had a blast:

" They had a lot more there then what was on the harvest calendar. There was 5 booths... one was jewelery, another was honey and candles, one was baked goods (which I stay away from since my husband and I are "dieting", LOL), one was mostly plants (flowers, herbs, veggies) and asparagus, and the last table had a wide variety of veggies.At the veggie table she had red and green leaf lettuce (2.50 each or 2/$4), spinach (same price but for a qt sized Ziploc), fingerling potatoes, rhubarb, Swiss chard, onions, radish... and I think a few more things I can't remember... she also had raw cow and goat's milk, and frozen beef patties (they were on sale for 2/$10 for a 4 pattie pack). Some of the plants were going for good prices... I really wish I had more cash on me because I could have went to town with the plants... but there's always next week.OH, and there was another booth where I think they had market info, pretzel sale, and they had a woman reading books to kids. Since it was in the parking lot of the train station there was plenty of parking right next to the booths."

I already planned on visiting this market before the end of the summer and from Dana's description, I won't be disappointed. Thanks to Dana for contributing your experience to The Philly Food Feed!

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  1. Awesome! I'm hungry for those strawberry dishes, Ben :) I've been hovering waiting for a new post and you have not disappointed me.


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